1st February 2012

Competition Tribunal dismisses BAA Appeal

SSE Comment

Further to the Competition Appeal Tribunal ruling this morning [1 February 2012] dismissing BAA’s challenge to the requirement that Stansted Airport must be sold, Stop Stansted Expansion has issued the following comment, attributable to its Economics Adviser, Brian Ross:

“BAA has been appealing against the Competition Commission ruling that it must sell Stansted for almost three years now. The whole purpose has simply been to delay the inevitable and to serve the interests of its shareholders with little regard for the impacts on Stansted’s employees and the local community. While all this has been going on, Stansted has lost more than 25% of its passenger throughput. It has all the characteristics of a scorched earth policy.”

Submissions made by SSE in recent years to the Competition Commission market inquiry into BAA’s monopoly can be found in the information section of this website under ‘Economics and Markets’

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