What came before Stop Stansted Expansion?

1.  The North West Essex and East Herts Preservation Association (NWEEHPA) was formed in 1965. Its present Constitution was adopted in July 2003 and amended in 2009. Its objectives are:

  1. To represent and assist by all means the interests of Members in the preservation of the amenities, the environment and the quality of life of North West Essex and East Hertfordshire;
  2. In particular to contain the development and impact of Stansted Airport; and
  3. To co-ordinate the efforts of all persons and organisations in furtherance of the objectives in (i) and (ii) above in the most effective manner possible.

2.  The Association’s Constitution provides, inter alia, that its membership shall consist of persons and organisations who subscribe to the objectives of NWEEHPA and to its funds. The Association has an Executive and a number of officers.

3.  The Executive may delegate any of its powers to a sub-committee or sub-committees. Any such sub-committee shall include at least one member of the Executive and such other members of NWEEHPA as the Executive may nominate. In carrying out any of its delegated powers, it must conform to any directions given by the Executive.

How and when was Stop Stansted Expansion formed?

4.  At its Annual Meeting on 25 July 2002, NWEEHPA agreed that a major initiative should be launched via a campaign sub-group operating under the umbrella of NWEEPHA. It did not, however, formally set up a sub-group or sub-committee.

5.  An open invitation was extended to organisations and individuals wanting to form a campaign group to oppose the expansion of Stansted Airport to attend a public meeting on 1 August 2002. At that meeting it was suggested that the simplest and most effective way forward would be for NWEEHPA to set up an Action Group on which it would be joined by representatives of other organisations (such as Friends of the Earth, CPRE and others) and by concerned individuals.

6.  The aims and objects of the Working Group would be to consider all matters relating to the operation and development of Stansted Airport in the context of sustainable development; to conduct or commission relevant enquiries and research; to increase public awareness of these issues; to liaise with other organisations as appropriate; to conduct campaigns and to make representations to Government departments, local authorities and other relevant bodies. The Action Group would be serviced by NWEEHPA’s Secretary and Treasurer and would choose its own Chairman and Deputy Chairman.

7.  The meeting appointed Mr Norman Mead as its Chairman and Mr Peter Gowan as its Deputy Chairman. It established the following committees and appointed their Chairman:

  • Finance, fundraising and membership
  • Lobbying and publicity
  • The law and compensation
  • Medical issues
  • Formulating the response to the consultation paper

8.  It was agreed that the chairmen of the committees, together with the Chairman and Deputy Chairmen, should form the Executive Committee, and that the Committee should have the power to co-opt other members.

9.  The Executive Committee would decide the name of the new organisation – subsequently named “Stop Stansted Expansion”.

10.  It was agreed not to have a constitution for the new organisation. Effectively, Stop Stansted Expansion has operated as a sub-committee of NWEEHPA.

Campaigning against proposals to expand Stansted Airport