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Campaigning against proposals to expand Stansted Airport


Stop Stansted Expansion has been actively campaigning against major expansion at Stansted since 2002. Its first major success came with BAA's withdrawal in May 2010 of the planning application for a second runway. However, the threat re-emerged in September 2012 when the Government established the Airports Commission with the task of examining whether the UK needs new runway capacity and, if so, where this should be built. The Commission concluded in December 2013 that at least one new runway was needed in the South East.

SSE engaged fully with the Airports Commission from the outset and succeeded in keeping Stansted off the Commission's shortlist of new runway options. The Commission published its final report in July 2015 which recommended Heathrow should have a new (third) runway and the Government finally accepted that recommendation in October 2016. However, SSE's job is far from complete. The Government, local politicians, the media and others need to be constantly reminded that there is no justification for major expansion at Stansted.

We also have the ongoing task of keeping pressure on the airport to minimise the impact of its operations on local residents - day and night. To ensure that our voice is effective and carries weight, we need as many members and supporters as possible.

There is also the wider challenge of getting the aviation industry to face up to its responsibilities in relation to global climate change. Endless expansion of aviation is simply not a viable option, and from a climate change perspective the provision of additional airport capacity - regardless of whether this is at Stansted, Heathrow or elsewhere - will exacerbate the problem. Working with other airport community groups and environmental NGOs, SSE will continue to press for action to tackle the growing impact of aviation on climate change, for example by lobbying for an end to the aviation industry's blanket exemption from fuel duty and VAT.

Your continuing support and involvement is as important as ever.
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