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Campaigning against proposals to expand Stansted Airport

image Press Release - 1 December 2014


SSE Wood 10th Anniversary - 30 November 2014
SSE Supporters at the planting of a wild cherry tree to celebrate
the 10th Anniversary of the SSE Wood at Broxted Hill Farm

Exactly ten years ago, more than 130 Stop Stansted Expansion (SSE) supporters took part in a mass tree planting to create the SSE Wood at Broxted Hill Farm, on the very site where BAA was planning to extend Stansted Airport by laying down a second runway. This wood was planted as a symbol of SSE's defiant determination that BAA's runway would never be built.

The trees, all native species, were sponsored by some 700 supporters and were selected with the advice and help of the Woodland Trust. Terry Waite had planted the inaugural oak a few months before. In 2009 a commemorative oak was planted in memory of Norman Mead, SSE’s first Chairman - again Terry Waite did the digging - and from time to time working parties have been held to keep the wood healthy and tidy.

On Sunday, 30 November 2014, to mark the tenth anniversary of the wood, SSE held another working party and also planted a tenth anniversary tree. Terry Waite was unable to come, but sent the following message:

"I am so sorry that I am unable to be with you all. Having just seen the pictures 'before and after' I am both amazed and delighted to see what a transformation has taken place. No one in the Stop Stansted Expansion Campaign is against sensible development but we are keen to ensure that development is sensible and that as far as possible our heritage is maintained and properly developed. We stand firmly against ruthless commercial exploitation which fails to take into account the wishes of local people and spoils a part of the countryside forever. A big 'thank you' to all who have campaigned long and hard and continue so to do. Well done."

Peter Sanders, SSE's Chairman, said: "The SSE wood has been a great success. At the time when it was first planted the Government of the day was predicting that a second runway would be operative at Stansted by 2010. It is wonderful to see how the wood has flourished, and how the plans for a second runway have so far been thwarted. We are firmly convinced that our local community, like our wood, will not be uprooted, but will continue to grow and gather strength over the years."


Photo of the SSE Wood planting on 27 November 2004
Photo of the SSE Wood on 6 October 2014
SSE Wood 10th Anniversary photos

Peter Sanders, SSE Chairman - T 01799 520411; petersanders77@talktalk.net
SSE Campaign Office, T 01279 870558; info@stopstanstedexpansion.com

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