Home Page Link Thaxted - under the present flightpath and threatened with quadrupled activity Takeley's 12th century parish church, close to proposed second runway Harcamlow Way, Bamber's Green - much of the long distance path and village would disappear under Runway 2 Clavering - typical of the Uttlesford villages threatened by urbanisation
Campaigning against proposals to expand Stansted Airport


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Press Release 14 Nov 2019 Airport Denies Plans to Expand to 50 Million Passengers a Year
Press Release 4 Nov 2019 Communties Call For Moratorium on Airport Expansion
Press Release 19 October 2019 Stansted Airport Goes Off The Boil
Press Release 7 October 2019 Reconsider Airport Decision Says Independent Legal Advice
Press Release 9 Sept 2019 SSE Slams Stansted Airport for Bully Boy Tactics
Press Release 5 August 2019 Climate Change: Deeds Must Now Match Words
Press Release 30 June 2019 The Right Decision - Legally, Procedurally and Democratically
Press Release 26 June 2019 British Medical Journal Publishes Article by SSE Experts
Press Release 24 June 2019 Day of Reckoning for Airport Expansion Decision
Press Release 17 June 2019 Biggest Ever Petition Calls for Review of Airport Decision
Press Release 10 June 2019 SSE Tells Council Chief Executive To End The Secrecy & Intrigue
Press Release 6 May 2019 An Opportunity for a Fresh Approach
Press Release 29 April 2019 Sheer Incompetence From Start to Finish
Press Release 23 April 2019 SSE Hits Back at 'Playing Politics' Accusation by Council Leader
Press Release 16 April 2019 Airport Expansion: Crunch Council Meeting on 25 April
Press Release 8 April 2019 Uttlesford Poised For Final Betrayal Before May Elections
Press Release 26 March 2019 Further Legal Challenge Agaist Stansted Airport Planning Approval
Press Release 26 Nov 2018 Planning Chairman Didn't Even Know What He Was Voting For!
Press Release 15 Nov 2018 A Shameful Day for Uttlesford District Council
Press Release 12 Nov 2018 An Open Letter to Uttlesford Planning Committee
Press Release 6 Nov 2018 Airport Spin Doctors in Final Attempt to Sway Council Planners
Press Release 26 October 2018 Proof if Proof were Needed
Press Release 12 October 2018 Stansted Bottom of League for Supporting Local Good Causes
Press Release 2 October 2018 Uttlesford Competence Again Called Into Question
Press Release 9 August 2018 Confirmation of High Court Action
Press Release 30 July 2018 Another 900 Reasons to Question Uttlesford Competence
Press Release 20 July 2018 Starting Gun Fired on Airport High Court Action
Press Release 5 June 2018 New Controversy as Airport Re-Writes Council Planning Policy
Press Release 2 May 2018 Poll Victory for Local Residents Over Airport Computer
Press Release 16 April 2018 Stansted to Press for More Night Flights
Press Release 19 March 2018 SSE Asks Government to Call In Stansted Airport Application
Press Release 13 March 2018 SSE Statement Response to Uttlesford District Council
Press Release 12 March 2018 Airport Cash for Council Favours
Press Release 22 Feb 2018 Airport Planning Application is Manipulative and Misleading
Press Release 6 Nov 2017 Airport Claims on Expansion Need Undermined by New Figures
Press Release 29 August 2017 It's a Date! 2018 Community Calendars Go On Sale
Press Release 17 July 2017 No Relief for Sleepless Nights Under New Flight Rules
Press Release 6 July 2017 Don't be Hoodwinked by Stansted Spin, Warns SSE
Press Release 19 June 2017 Airport Expansion Plans branded as Premature and Opportunistic
Press Release 23 May 2017 Airport Communities Deliver Downing Street Petition
Press Release 8 May 2017 Reverse the Flight Path Changes - Says SSE
Press Release 17 January 2017 Stansted Night Flights Consultation
Press Release 7 Nov 2016 SSE's 2017 Community Calendar Launched
Press Release 25 October 2016 SSE Response to Government Decision on New Runways
Press Release 12 July 2016 SSE Tells Stansted Airport to Publish its Evidence
Press Release 7 June 2016 SSE Prepares Legal Proceedings Against Stansted Airport
Press Release 19 January 2016 Aircraft Noise is Bad for Your Health
Press Release 26 October 2015 SSE's 2016 Community Calendar Launched
Press Release 5 October 2015 Departure Route Trials Show Improved Track Keeping at Stansted
Press Release 1 July 2015 SSE Response to Airport Commission Final Report
Press Release 27 June 2015 SSE's Parent Organisation Celebrates 50th Anniversary
Press Release 25 April 2015 SSE Calls for Cross-Party Support to End Night Flights
Press Release 28 Feb 2015 SSE Takes Fight on Flight Path Changes to the CAA
Press Release 1 Dec 2014 SSE Celebrates Tenth Anniversary of its Wood at Broxted
Press Release 18 Nov 2014 NATS Ignores Local Residents' Objections to Flight Path Changes
Press Release 15 Sept 2014 New Flight Path Proposal Does Not Give Local Residents
a Fair Balance of Benefits
Press Release 2 Sept 2014 Preliminary Response to Stansted Airport's New Long Term Plan
Press Release 18 August 2014 SSE Supports Call to Take Part in Flight Path Consultation
Press Release 28 July 2014 An Opportunity for an Open Debate on Stansted's Future
Press Release 18 June 2014 SSE Advises Caution on Changes to Stansted Departure Routes
Press Release 28 April 2014 Tribute to Chris Bennett - 1943-2014
Press Release 22 March 2014 Three Questions for Michael O'Leary
Press Release 21 March 2014 SSE Backs Further Calls for an Independent Noise Watchdog
Press Release 31 January 2014 Government Must Act to End Night Flights
Press Release 17 Dec 2013 A Huge Sigh of Relief But It's Not Over Yet
Press Release 17 Dec 2013 Stansted Not on the Shortlist
Press Release 7 Dec 2013 Sir Alan Haselhurst Shows Support for SSE Community Calendar
Press Release 2 Dec 2013 Airports Commission - High Court Challenge
Press Release 19 Nov 2013 SSE Welcomes Call for an Independent Noise Watchdog
Press Release 18 Nov 2013 Judge Ouseley to Hear SSE's High Court Challenge
Press Release 13 October 2013 SSE Calls Time on Airports Commission with High Court Challenge
Press Release 8 October 2013 Airports Commission: A Tainted Process - A Dubious Conclusion
Press Release 20 Sept 2013 Airports Commission
Press Release 19 Sept 2013 Ryanair Deal at Stansted
Press Release 11 Sept 2013 Campaigners Unite for Safeguards for Local Communities
Press Release 19 August 2013 A Fight For Fairness
Press Release 19 July 2013 SSE Slams Irresponsible & Pointless Expansion Proposals
Press Release 16 July 2013 Boris Johnson Ignores Countryside in Favour of Politics
Press Release 23 May 2013 Balanced Approach Needed on Stansted Rail Services
Press Release 23 April 2013 Majority of Night Flights Unnecessary, says Campaign Group
Press Release 20 April 2013 Aviation Crisis Claims Rebuffed
Press Release 25 March 2013 Government's New Aviation Policy is a Hollow Sham
Press Release 23 Feb 2013 Airports and Health: Experts Call for Stronger Action
Press Release 30 January 2013 New Air Traffic Forecasts Show No Case for Stansted Expansion
Press Release 19 January 2013 Sale of Stansted Airport
Press Release 19 Nov 2012 Time to Call Time on Night Flights
Press Release 2 Nov 2012 Sir Howard Davies Sets Out His Stall
Press Release 29 October 2012 Business Passengers Becoming a Rare Breed at Stansted
Press Release 15 October 2012 SSE Wood Remains a Symbol of Resolve Against 'Super Stansted'
Press Release 7 October 2012 Bonkeramus Boris
Press Release 13 Sept 2012 SSE'S 2013 Community Calendar Launched
Press Release 10 Sept 2012 SSE Welcomes Independent Aviation Connectivity Commission
Press Release 20 August 2012 BAA at last Concedes Defeat over Stansted
Press Release 3 August 2012 Stop Stansted Expansion Celebrates its 10th Birthday
Press Release 26 July 2012 BAA Finally Runs Out of Runway at Stansted
Press Release 12 July 2012 Time for the 'Greenest Government Ever' to Honour its Promises
Press Release 29 May 2012 Court of Appeal Agrees to Hear Another Stansted Appeal
Press Release 30 April 2012 Slowdown in Cheap Flights Gives Boost to British Economy
Press Release 16 April 2012 Deeds Not Words SSE Tells Aviation Regulator
Press Release 21 March 2012 Chancellor Reveals Delay in New Airport Expansion Policy
Press Release 29 Feb 2012 BAA Launches Yet Another Appeal Over Stansted
Press Release 1 February 2012 Appeal Tribunal Dismisses BAA Challenge on Stansted Airport
Press Release 31 January 2012 BAA Stansted Commits to Selling Back Houses
Press Release 6 January 2012 Community Calendar is a Rip-Roaring Success
Press Release 3 Nov 2011 Wanted for Christmas! Home for 8000 Books
Press Release 27 October 2011 SSE Campaign Wins Public Relations 'Oscar'
Press Release 25 October 2011 SSE Responds to Government's Aviation Policy Consultation
Press Release 11 October 2011 SSE's 2012 Community Calendar Launched
Press Release 19 July 2011 Time for BAA to Accept Defeat at Stansted
Press Release 9 June 2011 Thaxted to be the Highlight of the 2011 Runway Ramble
Press Release 9 June 2011 Thousands of Second Hand Books go on Sale for SSE
Press Release 18 April 2011 Royalty Rules at Duton Hill May Day Fun Day
Press Release 9 April 2011 BAA Owners Finally Admit that Stansted will be Sold
Press Release 5 April 2011 Opportunity to Influence Stansted's Future in New Consultation
Press Release 30 March 2011 Don't Prolong the Agony, BAA
Press Release 14 March 2011 7000 Second Hand Books go on Sale for SSE
Press Release 18 Feb 2011 Supreme Court Calls Time on BAA
Press Release 1 February 2011 Briefing: Give Us Back Our Community, BAA
Press Release 12 January 2011 Stansted Flights Hit 10 Year Low - and Worse to Come
Press Release 13 Dec 2010 4000 Sold, 500 to go - SSE Calendar Proves Knockout Success
Press Release 29 October 2010 Giant Second Hand Booksale to be Held for SSE
Press Release 15 October 2010 NATS Postpones Airspace Changes Yet Again
Press Release 13 October 2010 BAA Should Accept Court Verdict and Sell Stansted
Press Release 27 Sept 2010 Ed Miliband Victory Raises Hopes of Agreement on Runway Ban
Press Release 17 Sept 2010 Runway Ramblers to Highlight Airport Blight
Press Release 10 Sept 2010 SSE'S 2011 Community Calendar Launched
Press Release 24 August 2010 Pedal Power Rules at SSE Cycle Ride
Press Release 6 August 2010 SSE Hosting Holiday Fun Cycle Ride
Press Release 9 July 2010 Community Meeting on Aircraft Noise to be Held on Friday 23 July
Press Release 24 June 2010 Hallingbury Hike Highlights Airport Blight Around Stansted
Press Release 7 June 2010 Duton Hill Once Again Shows Community Commitment
Press Release 1 June 2010 SSE Embarks on Final Mission
Press Release 24 May 2010 Stop Stansted Expansion? Yes We Did!
Press Release 24 May 2010 BAA Release: Stansted to Withdraw Runway Planning Application
Press Release 17 May 2010 MPs to Help SSE Secure Ministerial Meetings
Press Release 5 May 2010 Airport Planning Application Refused
Press Release 4 May 2010 Mayday Funday Sunday Makes A Splash
Press Release 27 April 2010 Council Wants to Break Its Own Rules to Help BAA
Press Release 23 April 2010 Make Your Voice Heard on Aircraft Noise
Press Release 22 April 2010 Midsummer Comes Early To Duton Hill
Press Release 13 April 2010 Whose Line Is It Anyway?
Press Release 26 March 2010 Government Policy in Disarray After High Court Heathrow Ruling
Press Release 9 March 2010 BAA Mortgages Everything as Cash Crunch Hits Stansted
Press Release 8 March 2010 Yet More Delay on Second Runway: We Can't Go On Like This
Press Release 11 Feb 2010 Make Your Mind Up On Second Runway, Government Tells BAA
Press Release 11 January 2010 BAA Needs to Smell the Coffee
Press Release 21 Dec 2009 BAA Must Scrap Runway Plans Now Rather than Prolong Blight
Press Release 7 Dec 2009 Select Committee Challenges Wisdom of a 2nd Stansted Runway
Press Release 6 Dec 2009 Stop Stansted Expansion Makes Waves
Press Release 25 Nov 2009 Terry Waite to Visit Broxted for Tree Planting Ceremony
Press Release 2 Nov 2009 Tuppence - The Price of a Sleepless Night
Press Release 24 October 2009 Airspace Changes to be Postponed - Yet Again
Press Release 12 October 2009 Stansted Continues to Bear Brunt of Decline in Airport Traffic
Press Release 12 October 2009 Seeing the Wood from the Weeds!
Press Release 6 October 2009 It's The Economy Stupid!
Press Release 23 Sept 2009 SSE's 2010 Community Calendar Launched Today
Press Release 20 Sept 2009 Superb Support for Walk Highlighting Expansion Heritage Threat
Press Release 11 Sept 2009 Protection of Ancient Buildings to be Highlighted
Press Release 10 Sept 2009 Aircraft Noise Meeting Packed to Overflowing
Press Release 2 Sept 2009 Public Meeting at Henham to Discuss Airport Noise Action Plan
Press Release 1 Sept 2009 Aircraft Noise Nuisance Special Meeting in Hatfield Heath
Press Release 11 August 2009 Better Information Needed for BAA Noise Action Plan Consultation
Press Release 21 July 2009 Response to Latest Ryanair Cutbacks at Stansted
Press Release 18 June 2009 Appeal Court Refuses to Re-Open Stansted Case
Press Release 18 June 2009 SSE Comment on Government Delay to the Second Runway Inquiry
Press Release 16 June 2009 SSE Asks OFT to Investigate Alleged Unfair Trading Practices
Press Release 12 June 2009 Ireland 6 - Spain 0
Press Release 10 June 2009 Heritage Hike Highlights Runway Threat
Press Release 26 May 2009 Scilly Cheque with Serious Message
Press Release 21 May 2009 BAA Seeks Further Delay on Second Runway Inquiry
Press Release 18 May 2009 New SSE Practical Guide to Reporting Aircraft Noise Nuisance
Press Release 7 May 2009 Shadow Secretary of State Vows to Scrap Runway Plans
Press Release 5 May 2009 Maypole Dancers Mark the Start of May
Press Release 28 April 2009 Government Deals Further Blow to Stansted Runway Plans
Press Release 31 March 2009 Mountain Saves Molehill?
Press Release 19 March 2009 BAA Forced to Sell Stansted - Death Knell for a Second Runway?
Press Release 13 March 2009 SSE Seeks Leave to Appeal 'Confusing' High Court Decision
Press Release 10 March 2009 SSE Accuses BAA of Unbelievable Spin
Press Release 2 March 2009 Stansted Public Inquiry Postponed
Press Release 23 Feb 2009 High Court Challenge on Expansion of Capacity at Stansted
Press Release 23 Feb 2009 It's Back to the Drawing Board for Proposed Airspace Changes
Press Release 19 Feb 2009 Stansted Second Runway Now Facing Six Year Delay
Press Release 10 Feb 2009 BAA Living in a Walter Mitty World
Press Release 10 Feb 2009 Showtime to Help Fight Against Stansted Expansion Plans
Press Release 9 Feb 2009 10,000 Boost to Fight Second Runway Plans
Press Release 19 January 2009 Second Runway Programme: Realism Beginning to Prevail?
Press Release 16 January 2009 Comment on the Heathrow Third Runway Announcement
Press Release 15 January 2009 Photocall Notice: Stansted Second Runway Inquiry Meeting
Press Release 8 Dec 2008 Comment on Stansted Runway Closure
Press Release 14 Nov 2008 SSE Takes Government to the High Court over Stansted Decision
Press Release 10 Nov 2008 Inspector Agrees to Think Again on Stansted Runway Inquiry
Tribute 1 November 2008 Norman Mead: 1927 - 2008
Press Release 1 Nov 2008 Government Plans to Steamroller Stansted Runway Inquiry
Press Release 22 October 2008 Statement made by SSE to Uttlesford District Council
Press Release 14 October 2008 Democracy, Climate Change and the Right to Protest
Press Release 9 October 2008 "Predictable, Cynical and Unjustified" Expansion Decision
Press Release 2 October 2008 2009 Community Calendar Launched by SSE
Press Release 1 October 2008 Conservative Leader Rejects Stansted Second Runway Plans
Press Release 19 Sept 2008 New Aircraft Noise Threat to Suffolk and South Cambridgeshire
Press Release 17 Sept 2008 SSE Response to BAA's Decision to sell Gatwick Airport
Press Release 16 Sept 2008 Competition Commission Urged to Stand Firm on BAA Break-Up
Press Release 16 Sept 2008 Watchdog Calls for Airport Expansion to be Put on Hold
Press Release 13 Sept 2008 Runway Ramble Highlights Threat from Second Runway Plans
Press Release 1 Sept 2008 Lord Hanningfield to Lead Ramble Against Second Runway Plans
Press Release 20 August 2008 SSE Response to Competition Commission Report on BAA
Press Release 8 August 2008 Teddy Bears Picnic at the SSE Wood at Broxted Hill
Press Release 21 July 2008 Community to the Fore in Overturning Second Runway Plans
Press Release 17 July 2008 Ruth Fiddles while Stansted Burns
Press Release 30 June 2008 Let the Train Take the Strain
Press Release 11 June 2008 The Rise and Fall of Stansted Airport
Press Release 15 May 2008 Shakespearean Support for Stop Stansted Expansion
Press Release 12 May 2008 Stansted Expansion Impacts on the Northern Braintree Parishes
Press Release 9 May 2008 SSE Heritage Postcards to Fight Second Runway Threat
Press Release 8 May 2008 NATS Extension Pointless unless Questions are Answered
Press Release 22 April 2008 BAA Compulsory Purchase Powers to be Examined
Press Release 21 April 2008 Showtime at The Barn is a Roaring Success
Press Release 18 April 2008 Residents Get to Grips with Half a Million Planes Overhead
Press Release 15 April 2008 SSE Publishes Guidance on Airspace Changes Consultation
Press Release 8 April 2008 SSE Helps Community Get to Grips with 2nd Runway Application
Press Release 8 April 2008 Saffron Walden Proposed Flight Path Changes
Press Release 4 April 2008 SSE Comment on Proposals for an Eco-Town at Elsenham
Press Release 4 April 2008 BAA Will Be Beaten on Second Runway Plans
Press Release 17 March 2008 Storm Force of Opposition Lines Up to Challenge BAA Plans
Press Release 11 March 2008 BAA Planning Application is an Act of War
Press Release 10 March 2008 Response to BAA's Application for a Second Stansted Runway
Press Release 29 Feb 2008 SSE Condemns False Data Provided by BAA to Public Inquiry
Press Release 21 Feb 2008 Winners and Losers Emerge from Proposed Flight Path Changes
Press Release 12 Feb 2008 Snowdrops Spectacular at the Gardens of Easton Lodge
Press Release 11 Feb 2008 Terry Waite and Zac Goldsmith Join Forces on Airport Expansion
Press Release 31 January 2008 More 'Ifs' and 'Buts' on Stansted New Runway Plans
Press Release 30 January 2008 Cheap Flights "Squeezing the Life Out of British Tourism"
Press Release 15 January 2008 Decision not to de-designate Stansted Airport
Press Releases Archive - August 2002 to December 2007

BAA's Proposed Stansted Airport Boundary Map issued on 27/01/04

Stop Stansted Expansion Protest outside the Hilton Hotel, Stansted on 31 August 2002

Cartoon created by David Higham from an original idea by Melissa Cowley

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Linton Parish Council
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Lush Cosmetics
Manchester Airport Environment Network
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Nayland with Wissington Conservation Society
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Radwinter Parish Council
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Saffron Walden Library Society
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The Sampfords Parish Council
Shalford Parish Council
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SLAP (Stop Luton Airport Plan)
Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings
South Suffolk Aircraft Tracking Action Group (SSATAG)
Stanstead Abbotts Parish Council
Stansted Mountfitchet Parish Council
Stansted Preservation Association
Stanway Residents Association
Stapleford Abbotts Parish Council
Stebbing Parish Council
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Stop Bristol Airport Expansion
Sustainable Transport and Environment for the Eastern Region (STEER)
Takeley Local History Society
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Theydon Bois Parish Council
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Ugley Duckling Nursery School
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United Reform Church Friendship Group, Great Dunmow
University of the Third Age (Bishop's Stortford Branch)
UPROAR (Dublin)
Uttlesford Group of the Ramblers Association
Ware Residents Against Stansted Expansion (WRASE)
The Ware Society
Watermill Estate Residents Association
The Wendens Ambo Society
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Wilderness Foundation
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