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Campaigning against proposals to expand Stansted Airport


We are profoundly concerned that, in the absence of quantification of the environmental costs of destroying Protected Ancient Woodlands, Sites of Special Scientific Interest, Protected Ancient Buildings, Countryside and Ecology, decisions about airport development are about to be taken on a false premise - treating 'priceless' assets as 'worthless'.

See The Stansted Declaration of Environmental Rights


Three of the 64 Grade II listed buildings which could be destroyed
should Stansted airport be expanded
Listed Building Threatened by Stansted Expansion Listed Building Threatened by Stansted Expansion Listed Building Threatened by Stansted Expansion
More photos of threatened listed buildings

Report by Essex Regional Group of the Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings (SPAB) on the Implications of Possible Expansion of Stansted Airporton our Architectural Heritage - Including Fifteen Reasons Why the SPAB Strongly Opposes Further Runways at Stansted (1.2MB)


Three views of North Essex countryside which would be
concreted over under the Government's SERAS Proposals
Looking west across the proposed Runway No.2, Taxiways and Passenger Terminals Looking north across the proposed Runway No.2, Taxiways and Passenger Terminals Looking south west to the proposed Aircraft Maintenance & Cargo Hangers, Passenger Terminals and Car Parking
More photos of threatened countryside


East End Wood
East End Wood (SSSI)
Site of Special Scientific Interest
Half of the woodland lies within proposed expansion
What would be left would also be threatened

Seven Acre and Little Newlands Woods will be lost if any of the options are decided upon
and Fanns and Priors Woods will be under threat due to their close proximity to the expansion

Takeley Parish Council Submission on the Ecology of Stansted Airport
Woodland Trust Report "Flight Path to Destruction"


Kingfisher Barn Owl

Approximately 60 species of indigenous birds would lose their local habitats forever. This figure increases to 70 species if the summer\winter population is taken into account. The removal of woodlands, hedgerows, ditches, ponds and fields will be disastrous.

The species affected include the following which are on the RSPB Red List ("High Conservation Concern"):
Bullfinch, Yellowhammer, Linnet, House Sparrow, Song Thrush, Lesser-spotted Woodpecker, Spotted Flycatcher, Skylark, Starling, Grey Partridge

and the following which are on the RSPB Amber List ("Medium Conservation Concern"):
Goldfinch, Dunnock, Mistle Thrush, Fieldfare, Redwing, Green Woodpecker, Cuckoo, Willow Warbler, Nightingale, House Martin, Kestrel, Barn Owl, Kingfisher, Lapwing

Full List of Threatened Bird Species


Threatened Oak Trees Many ancient Oak Trees at least 200 to 300 hundred years old line both sides of Bambers Green Road. They would all have to be felled if the proposed expansion is allowed.

The Oak trees along Bambers Green show evidence of being pollarded - the wood (branches) used for rafters in houses and barns or sawn to provide flooring. Also, many farm wagons would contain oak in their construction.

These trees were grown and protected for usage in every day life - the same can be said for all the woods and ancient hedgerows within Takeley.


The Ancient Green and The Hamlet of Molehill Green
Lies within the Perimeter of the Proposed Expanded Stansted Airport
Scheduled for Demolition

Molehill Green has had a village green for over seven hundred years. It was part of the Manor of Waltham Hall (Waltham Hall Farm) and originally belonged to the Abbey of Waltham, at Waltham Holy Cross.

Within the area of Molehill Green, between Waltham Hall Farm and Waltham Farm, is the ancient monument of Waltham Abbey. Morant says that Waltham Hall was "reasonably supposed to be part that belonged to Robert Gernon". What was certain is that at some time in the C13th (1285) it is recorded as belonging to Waltham Holy Cross. They were granted a Fair and Market by Henry II (30th March 1253) to be held at the Manor, and a Free Warren by Edward III.

There is evidence that the Green was much larger than it is now, and supported a windmill, the name Mole may well derive from the Latin for a windmill - molenda.

Holy Trinity Church, Takeley THE THREATENED CHURCH

The Holy Trinity Church in Takeley is the heart and soul of the community and has stood on this site for over 900 years.

It would be at the end of the proposed runway number 2 and so would be unuseable in practice.

Fuller description of what is threatened


Approximately three quarters of Takeley would be lost to an expanded Stansted airport. What would be left would be subjected to a 67-69dBA noise level which, according to the World Health Organisation, is unliveable!

* The Street Takeley is an ancient Hamlet with over a hundred house - twenty of which are Grade II.
* Smiths Green is a Hamlet of fifty plus houses - nine of which are Grade II.
* Brewers End is the main area of the Parish of Takeley. There are approx eight hundred residences - nine of which are Grade II.

At least twelve listed buildings are threatened with demolition. Two further listed buildings, Warish Hall (our last Domesday site) and Fanns are threatened with future demolition because of their close proximity to the proposed boundary of Stansted Airport. Warish Hall is directly linked with the Priory of St Valery, Picardy, France. These are not just listed buildings, but homes and ithe Heritage of Takeley and, just as important, the Heritage of this Country.


Takeley's History and Heritage

Formal Response to the Government by English Heritage
Formal Response to the Government by the Joint Committee of National Amenity Societies

See The Stansted Declaration of Environmental Rights
Write to Your MP about this as well as the Local and National Press