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Campaigning against proposals to expand Stansted Airport


Further information about our estimate of Stansted's equivalent
carbon dioxide emissions in 2019 can be found here

The links below will take you to a range of useful source information on global warming.

CarbonBrief: Planned Growth of UK Airports
Not Consistent with Net Zero Climate Goal (June 2019)

SSE Submission to Airports Commission - Aviation and Climate Change (May 2013)

Committee on Climate Change Aviation Report (December 2009)

Climate change section from the book "Landmarks for Sustainability: Events and Initiatives
That Have Changed Our World" (November 2009)

Letter from Committee on Climate Change to Secretary of State for Transport
and Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change (9 September 2009)

'Plan B? The prospects for personal carbon trading' - a IPPR Report (September 2009)

SSE Response to Carbon Neutral Terminology Consultation (20 May 2009)

Department for Transport Aviation Emissions Cost Assessment (2008)

SSE Estimates of Stansted Airport CO2 Emissions (June 2008)

Defra Framework for the Code of Best Practice for Carbon Offsetting (February 2008)

Emissions Cost Assessment Consultation Response from SSE (October 2007)

Climate Change Bill - Parliamentary Scrutiny (August 2007)

Evidence of Wider Environmental Impacts of Climate Change -
Aqqaluk Lynge, Leader of the Inuit Circumpolar Council (July 2007)

Beyond Stern: From the Climate Change Programme Review to the Draft Climate Change Bill -
House of Commons Environmental Audit Committee (July 2007)

Ministerial Statement on Aviation Carbon Emissions as percentage of total UK Emissions (May 2007)

Defra Carbon Offsetting Consultation Response from SSE (April 2007)

Cambridge University Climate Leaders Reference Guide  (March 2007)

House of Commons Environmental Audit Committee -
Pre?Budget 2006 and the Stern Review  (March 2007)

Travel Weekly guide to aviation and climate change (January 2007

Stern Review on the Economics of Climate Change  (October 2006)

Environmental Change Institute, Oxford University -
Aviation and Climate Change Report  (September 2006)

House of Commons Environmental Audit Committee -
"Reducing Carbon Emissions from Transport"  (August 2006)

'Slow down the growth in air travel' MORI Study Reveals  (July 2006)

BBC Q&A on Climate Change (January 2006)

Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research
and especially
Decarbonising the UK: energy for a climate conscious future  (2005)

Environmental Change Institute, Oxford University -
Calculating the Environmental Impact of Aviation Emissions  (June 2005)

Friends of the Earth Climate Change Briefing (May 2005)

Friends of the Earth, Greenpeace - WWF-UK position on carbon offsets

Airport Watch Climate Change Briefing Sheets

Friends of the Earth Climate Change Campaign

GreenSkies Alliance (2004)

Hours of Flying Comparisons
ICAO Carbon Emissions Calculator